Perlisten Audio

Home Theatre

The perfect entertaining space in your home (or your business!). Complete solutions delivered by our dedicated team.

High end 4K/8K laser projectors, Dolby/THX certified equipment and high-end processors with integration into home control systems. Personalised seating, bespoke wall panelling, lighting and exclusive, award winning speakers.

Processing / amplification

Steinway Lyngdorf / Lyngdorf / Primare

Passive speakers

Perlisten Audio, Monitor Audio Cinergy, DALI Phantom S Series


SONY Pro 4K or JVC Laser 4K/8K options

Fit and finish

Totally bespoke to your budget, aesthetic requirements and interior design specification.

Multi-Room Audio & Video

Bringing high quality background/entertainment audio as well as video distribution throughout the home

In-Ceiling speakers

Wide range of in-ceiling speakers for all rooms including wet-rooms, swimming pools and kitchens.

simple ecosystem

App controlled or on-wall touch screen interfaces with easy-to-use presets or your own music, anywhere!

outdoor solutions

In ground or surface mounted speaker systems

high fidelity

Exclusive, luxury brands designed for optimum performance with no compromise on sound and design.

HiFi – Luxury Audio Solutions

We have exclusive access to luxury hifi brands for the home from Monitor Audio, DALI, Perlisten Audio, HiFi Rose, Perlisten Audio, Primare, Lyngdorf and many others. We built tailor made systems with digital streaming services, turntables, CD players – all designed to operate in perfect harmony and provide your listening space with something magical.


We are a Pro-Ject Audio Reference partner – offering an outstanding level of service, product knowledge and hands on experience with the best turntables in the world.

single room

Create the perfect listening room – focussed on luxury audio.

internet streamers

Remote controlled internet streaming at the highest resolution – simple, single box solutions for the modern home.


Integrate your listening room into a multi-room system with ROON (available to buy directly from us).

Portable Audio

For the executive who likes to travel – take your high resolution audio with you on beautiful, highend touch-screen battery powered devices with a wide range of in-ear or over-ear headphones from MEZE Audio, FOCAL and Grado


Small and discrete amplification with a best-in-class digital chipset, long term storage as well as internet streaming of various music services – the travelling executive “must haves” of 2023

in ear

Discrete, personal and direct sound whilst on the go.

no compromise

Small form, large output. The highest technology at your fingertips. Take your music and podcast library on the go in style with our range of portable audio players.

over ear

Extreme comfort, ultimate design. Our range of luxury headphones are perfect for the home or travel.